Low Tech, Lots of Fun

It seems as though whenever a flashy new product is released, people revert back to their juvenile forms. Everyone has to have the brand new toy that parents think costs too much and might very well be forgotten once “the next big thing” comes around. This question becomes all the more pressing once you actually have kids; you don’t want them thinking that impulse purchases are all there is to life. Fortunately, the following craft projects will inspire you to put your own homegrown spin on high-tech fads.

The Watch Redefining Touch Screen

You’ve probably seen the announcement of Apple’s new smartwatch all over the news. It plays music, tracks your exercise, accepts e-mail and text messages – all that and it even actually tells time. But what if your little one doesn’t know all of their numbers yet? That won’t be a problem with these felt Apple Watches. Created by artist Hiné Mizushima, the watches will soon be for sale on her Etsy page. Mizushima’s website details the progress of creating each watch by hand.


Late Summer Origami Fun

We've officially entered the height of summer! In order to stay indoors and beat the heat, why not try your hand at origami, the Japanese art of paper folding? If the thought of origami makes you cringe, don't worry! We won't be suggesting the pineapple below. Instead, we wanted to provide some basic advice and easy projects to get everyone in the family excited about a craft that goes all the way back to the 17th century and requires only paper (or glue, in some cases).


Spread the Love, DIY Style

It's hard to imagine that Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away! If you're like us, you might have a tendency to wait until the last minute, wondering how to show the special someone in your life just how much you love them. This ultimately means buying a store bought card, a pack of Disney cards for your kid's classroom, or a bouquet of flowers.

But how about making 2014 a little bit more special? These DIY ideas will help you (or your kid) stand out in a sea of mass produced tokens of affection.


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