Common Lexmark Optra printer error codes

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Lexmark printers are considered to be very reliable printers and can withstand the rigors of daily print jobs. However, every printer will experience an error at some point during their service lives, so knowing what each message means can save money by helping to avoid unneeded repairs. Here are several common Lexmark Optra printer error codes, including instructions on how to clear these errors.

Error 200 & 201 – Paper Jam
An error 200 message appears if there is paper blocking the pathways of the printer. If there are no blockages in the printer, the sensors(s) could be blocked. Removing any jammed paper from the printer often clears this error.

An error 201 is an indication that paper is jammed between input sensors: between the front and back input sensors. This error can often be cleared by removing any paper that has jammed inside of the printer.

More information can be found by reading our blog post how to remove paper jams.

Error 80 – Scheduled Maintenance
Modern Lexmark printers contain a counter that alerts a user when the printer should have maintenance performed. The counter records the amount of pages printed, and the error message signifies that the maximum number of pages have been printed. Several parts may need to be replaced periodically to ensure reliable printing.

Error 900 – Service Error
An error 900 can occur due to a problem with the hardware in the printer, or due to a connection problem between the printer and a device. If the error occurs while the printer is communicating with a computer or network, the problem is network or connection related. If the error occurs while the printer is not in use or not connected to a network or a computer, the hardware could be the culprit if not the connection itself. Checking the printer and the connection to the printer often remedies this problem.

Error 901 – Engine Flash Error
This error often occurs due to a temporary engine glitch. To clear a 901 error, simply turn off the printer for at least five minutes. If the error doesn’t return after powering on the printer, a temporary glitch was the issue and shouldn’t require any further troubleshooting.

Error 902 – Service Engine Software
An error 902 is an indication that the software in the engine board has failed. If turning off the printer for ten minutes or longer doesn’t clear the error once the printer has been turned back on, performing a NVRAM reset on the printer may clear the message.

Error 903-906
Errors 903, 904, 905 and 906 are all indications of a failure or fault of the printer’s system board. Turning off the printer for ten minutes or longer should clear the error. If the error returns after powering on the printer, resetting the NVRAM could clear the error message.

Error 929 – Toner Sensor
An error 929 occurs when there is a problem with the Lexmark toner sensor, as well as several other components. Checking the toner cartridge first can help rule-out the possibility of other culprits causing the error since defective toner cartridges often cause this alert.

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