DIY Gift Ideas For Father's Day

With Father's Day just over two weeks away, now is the time to start making the perfect gift to surprise dad. He might like golf clubs, grilling equipment, or some new ink cartridges for his printer, but nothing says "I love you" quite like a homemade gift. After suggesting gift ideas for Mother's Day, we knew Father's Day was a perfect occasion to get those creative juices flowing again! Here are a few ideas that any dad is sure to appreciate.

Father's Day Mad Libs

For younger children who have just learned to read and write, a Father's Day Mad Libs letter is a perfect alternative to a traditional card. By letting kids fill in specific nouns, adjectives, or verbs, they are able to customize the letter to their dad, emphasizing the unique bond they have. It also allows them to practice language skills and show off how creative and funny they can be. Best of all, the printout is free online, so all it will cost you is a few coloring crayons and a little bit of supervision. If you want to be especially creative, try making your own letter in a word processing program then have your child hand draw any images they want.


Coupon Booklets For Dad

Sometimes the best gift you can give your dad is surprisingly simple. How about spicing up a breakfast in bed with homemade coupons that can include things like a 'free car wash', 'free lawn mowing', or any other chore that dad might always do but not really enjoy? Martha Stewart has a customizable template that allows you to fill in freebies that might make sense for the dad in your life. By adding card stock to the outside of the various coupons, you can get as creative as you want in how you display them. It also makes it easier to prop them up next to that morning cup of coffee.


Craft Stick Picture Frame

Photographs are some of the best Father's Day mementos! Not only can you print a photo from the convenience of your home printer, but you can also make a homemade frame to give it some extra pizzazz! Over at the craft blog Spoonful, they have step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect frame. By using the craft sticks, you're able to paint the frame any color or add decorations, depending on the photo you choose and the hobbies you know your dad loves. You can also add string if you want it to be hung up somewhere or use a magnet if you want to display it proudly on the refrigerator.

As you see, with just a little bit of internet sleuthing, a few printouts, and some additional art supplies, you can work with your children to create clever and memorable gifts for Father's Day. For more inspiration, visit this Pinterest board for dozens of other ideas! In the meantime, feel free to share your own ideas and photos below to help inspire others as they brainstorm new projects.

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