Fun Applications for 3D Printing

There's no doubt that 3D printing is an amazing technology, considering everything from customizable prosthetics for dogs to NASA space cameras are being built. But what about some of the fun aspects of 3D printing? How is the technology being used to create objects that make us nostalgic about our past, that make us laugh, or otherwise entertain us? We wanted to highlight a couple examples of ways 3D printing is being used to inspire joy in our everyday lives.

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Getting Cozy With Sesame Street Characters

So, which Seasame Street character is your favorite? Even if you didn't grow up with these furry friends, your kids or someone you know probably did. The 3D printing powerhouse MakerBot has created, and started to release, licensed downloads of the characters. The pattern itself only costs $1.29, but you will need a 3D printer to actually create the objects, which are generally finished in 2-6 hours depending on your printer and materials used.

While it might be a little bit of a novelty, but it's certainly much more fun to create the characters for yourself at home! It's also the perfect way to teach kids how 3D printing works. Who will it be: Elmo or Cookie Monster (or both)?

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Custom Fit Earbuds For Music Lovers

No matter what music genre you like, there's a good chance you listen to some kind of music to help you relax after a long day, or get through a particular mundane project at work. Enter the NORMAL headphones. For just $199, you can get a pair of earbuds shaped to your ears. If you've ever gotten annoyed when earbuds fall out or don't seem to fit properly, you'll now be free to enjoy all of the music you want without worrying!

How does it work? You can go to their New York City flagship store and get them designed, or if you're not in the area, you can download the iTunes or Google apps and simply snap a picture of your ears. After you send off the photos, the earbuds are then created in a factory and shipped to you in as little as 48 hours! What do you want to listen to first?

Touching Ancient Artifacts

When kids go to museums, they long to touch all of the great ancient artifacts and museum objects, but of course they never can! This is where 3D printing has proved useful. In Berlin, scientists and curators at the Egyptian Museum are using 3D printers to scan ancient artifacts. Not only does this allow them to more easily explore objects by creating digital copies, but it is also allowing them to create life size, accurate replicas of these objects so that they can be explored by touch.

This means visiting a museum is no longer a passive experience! Instead, it can be a hands-on opportunity to feel some of the most influential objects in world history. What's one artifact you'd like to see 3D printed? Share your ideas below.

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As you can see, 3D printing isn't just a serious industry for big corporations, scientists, doctors, or other related fields. The printers are fast becoming opportunities to relish in fun, whether it's a favorite childhood character, listening to music, or getting up close and personal with King Tut. Let us know of other cool 3D printing applications you've seen. We're sure to have missed some!

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