Kickstarter Feature: Wireless Printing Solution

As we've become increasingly connected to mobile devices, we also expect our printers to do the same. Often times, however, the wireless settings on our printers are a bit confusing, or if you have an older printer, non-existent. This makes it difficult to print from your iPad, iPhone or laptop without installing a driver. Thanks to a new Kickstarter for printWiFi, any device will now be able to print documents with ease.

taken from: Gizmag

printWiFi's Nitty Gritty

The biggest question you're probably asking yourself is: how does printWiFi work? The idea itself is pretty simple. Often it's hard to get printers connected to mobile devices and laptops because you have to install print drivers that allow the computer to communicate with the printer to send the document information for printing.

printWiFi acts an intermediary between the two, allowing your device to access WiFi that transmits the information to the printer via a USB connected cable, if the printer in question has no wireless transmission feature. 

The best part about printWiFi is that it's portable like your mobile device. It measures in at only 2 by 4 inches and weighs a measly 24 ounces, which is slightly more than your average bottle of soda. This portability allows you to stow it away on your carry-on or luggage, allowing you easier print access if you're on vacation or traveling for a business conference.

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A Wealth of Potential Applications

First and foremost, printWiFi benefits individual consumers. Anyone who needs to print boarding passes, tax forms, important business plans, or tickets for shows will appreciate the ease-of-use that this new device offers. Since the software to view and print documents works with Apple's iOS, Android, and cloud software like Dropbox, a majority of Internet users will be covered.

But printWiFi's potential might expand to two other realms: business and educational settings. For small businesses, in particular, that don't have dedicated IT support or an expensive high-end corporate printer, this option is an easy alternative. printWiFi connects to up to 30 different devices at once, so everyone in the office (and some guests) could have printer access on a day-to-day basis.

As educational settings move increasingly to mobile technology such as iPad's to enhance the classroom experience, the ability to simultaneously connect 30 devices could all students to complete and print assignments easily that can be graded by a teacher.

taken from: Gizmag


Have you been on the look out for a way to make mobile printing easier? If so, printWiFi may be a great solution for you. The Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded but the sooner you make a contribution, the cheaper your device will be. All of the $99 devices have been snatched up, but there are $129 models left. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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