Highlights from CES 2015

Every January, the tech world comes to gravitate around International CES, a global technology conference held yearly in Las Vegas to showcase devices and ideas that will set the stage for the year and well into the future. Sometimes there are products that consumers will have access to immediately whereas other products are merely in the testing stages. Whatever the case, these products are an exciting look into the industry's future. Here are some of our favorites so far.

taken from: TechNorms

Domestic 3D Printing Goes Wooden

Up until now, 3D printing in home settings has relied only on plastic filaments to make objects. As you can imagine, this has lead to concerns over the durability of items made with these printers. Thankfully, CES has shown Makerbot wants to use wood and metal infusions in 3D printing to create a more diverse range of products.

How does it work? They "take sawdust and infus[e] it through the filament." This means the finished product comes closer to be fiberboard, but scientists have said these products can be sanded and polished to have an appearance as close to wood as possible. It might not be a designer chair, but it will make the technology more appealing to consumers.

taken from: FastCompany

A "Smart" Button From Intel

If CES 2014 announced the arrival of wearables, CES 2015 is the time when this technology gets refined. Enter Intel's Curie™ module. It might not be designed for consumers, but eventually major companies could use this technology to make wearables the size of buttons, which is significantly smaller than any other technology on the market right now.

This little module packs a processor that can be run for extended periods of time from a coin-sized battery, featuring Flash memory, RAM, Bluetooth, and sensor hub that can record acceleration and gyroscopic results. It's very likely that this technology could be used for more casual fitness geeks or more specialized settings, such as long-term fitness classes or preventative care management in medical settings.

taken from: Intel

Streaming ESPN Via The Internet

If you're a sports fan (or just a TV fanatic), DISH Network's Sling TV. The idea behind this is that you're able to stream roughly 10 different channels directly through your Internet connection on your computer without having to have an existing cable subscription. Have you already deleted your cable package but are missing out on sports? Or are you considering getting rid of cable? Then this might be for you.

Do note that you will not be able to connect your computer to a TV to stream the shows, so don't expect to see the next football game in HD. But if you want to pay just 20 dollars a month with Hulu and Netflix added, you'll still be saving hundreds of dollars per year.

taken from FastCompany

As you can see, scientists and companies are working hard to make technology smarter and more efficient than ever before. What else are you looking to see in tech for 2015? Weigh in below and let us know if you think CES has missed something.

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